Junior High School English
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 Mr. Aoba, a junior high school English teacher, is making tomorrow's lesson plan. He asks himself the following questions:
-The new textbooks include more grammar points than the old ones did. Do I have to pick up the meaning of each grammar point?
-There are more sentences in each page in the new textbooks. Should I translate all of them into Japanese? If I do that, it takes too much time and students can't have opportunity to use English.
-Is it possible for students to understand English without translation? Some students want me to translate all the sentences into Japanese.
-The textbooks have examples of language activities, but I think they aren't interesting enough. I would like to know how to make creative language activities that will enhance students' desire to communicate.
-Providing students with opportunities to communicate with ALT is important. What are some good ways to do so?
-There are some students who don't want to join group and pair activities. They say it's a waste of time to practice English with Japanese students. How can I persuade them?

 Mr. Aoba has a lot of things to worry about every day, but it doesn’t bother him because the more he worries, the more successful his classes become. He believes worrying is one best ways for English teachers to improve their classes.